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Is it time to dust off your insurance policies?


Clean up and dust off your insurance policies – when was the last time your reviewed these policies? Do you still need them? Have things changed in your life since you took them out? Have you taken on more debt or more responsibility? Or less debt and less responsibility? Do you understand what you have purchased?

Have you assessed whether what you are paying for is a quality product? Do you know what you are covered for if you became ill or were unable to work temporarily or permanently?  If not, why are you paying for something you don’t understand?

When was the last time your checked the performance of your investments? Are you happy with the fees and performance of these products? You will be retiring on these policies or using the pay outs of your investments to put your children through university – are they doing what they are supposed to be doing?

I expect that these tasks will keep you very busy this month. If you would like us to assist you with this by sending you your updated insurance and investment schedules, change of  beneficiary forms or if you will like to set up an appointment to review your policies, investments or wills together  please email me at or phone us at 031 2663313 where we will gladly assist.

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