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Does my partner’s attitude toward money have the potential to damage our relationship?


Every day without realizing it, you observe how your partner behaves with and reacts to money.  You witness big things, like how they handle their debt, how they spend their money.  How generous are they?  Are they too stingy?  Do they need to define themselves by the car they drive?  Or do they not bother to service and look after their car?  Do they waste food or are they frugal?  Are they aware of prices or not?  Is it important for them where they live and the type of home they have? Is this relevant to you or not?  Believe me; if some of the things you have noticed annoy you now, they will annoy you more over time.  In the early days of love people tend to overlook what they don’t like about the way their partner manages their money.

The subject of money can be an uncomfortable one and almost petty or too difficult a discussion, so most people don’t mention it.  If you are one of those people then you are giving money the ultimate power – the power of silence and destruction.

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