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What type of financial topics should a couple talk about before they get married or live together?


Firstly be honest with each other. If one of you is in debt or carrying a large loan then let your partner know about it. Discuss as a couple what you will do about it?

  • How does each of you view lifestyle debt?
  • Does one of you have a poor credit rating? How are you going to work together to repair it?
  • Discuss the future – how are you going to work with your money? Are you going to pool your money? Put some of your money in a joint account or keep it all separate?
  • Although retirement may seem a long way off, do you both agree and understand the importance of investing for your future?
  • Do you have similar goals and dreams? How are you going to plan for them?
  • Are your investment styles similar, completely different or non-existent?

If necessary, have this conversation again with your partner and a financial advisor or wealth coach present to guide you both to choose better decisions going forward.

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