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Does your lifestyle affect your financial plan or does your financial plan affect your lifestyle?


The financial planner’s role in the financial management of a client will have a significant bearing on whether the client is in a position to achieve their lifestyle goals. For example if the client wants to go overseas in the next 2 years, this must be taken into account in their financial planning.  If the client does not have a plan in how to achieve this goal, it is unlikely to happen.

Likewise the lifestyle of the client will have an impact on their financial planning as a client who chooses to live a lifestyle that is inappropriate to their financial situation and their financial goals will fail to achieve their goal.

The financial planning process offers clients the most comprehensive opportunity to discover and integrate their financial plan that melds together their relationship with their money. No other profession or process helps the clients to unveil his or her most profound life goals and dream and then put together a financial strategy that will assist the implementation of the strategy in order to achieve those goals and dreams.

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