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Money Talk 4th Quarter 2012


Please enjoy the content of the Money Talk edition for the fourth quarter of 2012. This quarter we discuss investor’s risk profiles, tolerance and capacity as well as more issues related to marriage and the accrual system.


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  1. Marion

    Fantastic newsletter, Susan! Thanks so much!!

    I particularly found the information about marriage laws and how death affects your Will (etc) extremely interesting. I look forward to reading your next edition 🙂

    • admin

      Hi Marion – thank you for your compliment. Indeed many people seem not to realise the impact of their marriage contact on their death. Often we focus on “what the marriage contract says” on divorce and not the impact of the marriage contract on death. Your estate has to fulfil the same obligations to your spouse as you would have had to if your marriage had ended in divorce. Not understanding the relevance of your marriage contract can have an adverse effect on your bequests in your Will and in many cases have unexpected and upsetting cash flow impacts to those you leave behind. So as always it is important to understand the impact of all contracts. Regards Susan

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