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Changes to Medical Aids 2013


The season has once again arrived whereby you need to make any changes to your Medical Aid/Hospital plans.

Both Discovery and Momentum would have sent you the price increase for next year. Price increases on the various plans vary from 9.8% – 11.8%.

The most significant change has been on the Key Care Plus plan with Discovery where they are no longer offering a plan for lower income bands. The salary band is now R0 –R6250.00 and the monthly premium for a single person will be R638.00. Please contact us if you have not received the price list for 2013.

If you are on the key care plans, you need to ensure that you send Discovery / ourselves a copy of your payslip otherwise they will automatically put you onto a higher income band. The onus is upon you to prove your income.

Please remember you need to let us know before the end of November if you want to upgrade or down grade your plans. If you do not let us know we cannot make these changes for you.

GAP cover – your GAP cover has to be purchased in line with your medical aid/hospital cover, if you downgrade your plan then your GAP cover needs to be changed accordingly. I would also urge you to add on self payment gap’s for MRI/ CAT scans, scopes and oncology benefits.

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