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Easy Lifestlye choices that can save you money


We don’t realize how our every day habits and pleasures cost us


Petrol is rising and o-zone layer is already challenged.  Car pool – find friends and colleagues with whom you can create a lift pool. Cycle to the shop if it is safe enough. Shop at shopping complexes that allow you to park free for one hour. Plan your journeys and plan your kids’ activities so you are not wasting petrol.


Pack healthy lunches. Do you eat at restaurants, coffee shops, canteens or quickly pop into a shop when you hungry? Rather pack a lunch at home as it will be much cheaper and healthier. If you give your children tuck shop money ensure that it is a monthly treat and not a weekly or daily expectation.


Stay at home. A night on the town or in a restaurant can cost you 5 times more than if you had prepared and eaten at home. Find places to go that don’t cost money. Look in your community newspaper or local websites for things to do in your area that do not cost anything.  Go to the park, the beach or the dam. Take a picnic with you, and don’t forget to take your litter with you. You waste tax payers’ money when people have to come and clean up after you and it makes it unpleasant for those that are coming after you.


Children are expensive, choose wisely on how many children you are going to have. They need to be fed, clothed, exercised, schooled, medicated and deserve to have a good home. This all costs a lot of money. Children are a lifestyle choice – think before you procreate.

Health Habits

Eliminate bad habits that kill your bank account as well as your health – smoking, caffeine, alcohol – if you over indulge in any of these it affects your health and your bank account. Smoking does not only cost you for cigarettes, but you also pay 20% higher premiums on your life assurance policies and have a greater chance of having a lifestyle medical illness which has a huge impact on your cash flow.


Take care of your stuff. Maintain your car, your furnishings, your home, and your appliances. Regularly maintaining your home, garden, appliances and car will eliminate the need to constantly replace and repair broken items.


Ditch the gym contract if you don’t actually go. Stop fooling yourself. If you don’t go to gym, then stop paying and wasting money. Rather walk around the block, along the beach at the park and learn to cycle or go to the local swimming pool and swim lengths.

Impulse Purchases

Stop the habitual purchasing of sweets and magazines at the till. Remember why they are placed there – to entice you in your boredom. How often do you read that magazine from cover to cover? And do you really need that sweet?

These small adjustments and changes of habit will save you money in the long run.

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