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Separated, Divorced, Widowed – Design your Life Conference


Starting Over: A Conference for Women who would like to Live Life Successfully in the Single Lane

Sharon Desfontaines, Successful Entrepreneur and owner of The Entrepreneur Business Directory in Partnership with Carol Howard of Carol Howard and Associates, have come together to organise this special Conference for Woman which focuses on addressing the topic of ‘Successfully living life in the single lane’. Our aim is to equip and inspire women who are recently separated, divorced or widowed with the right tools, the right plan and the right attitude to approach this transformational period in their lives with a positive outlook and a proactive approach.

The day will be spent listening to inspiring specialists, who have been carefully selected for their reputation, experience and ability to inspire growth, addressing pertinent topics relevant to key issues that each one of these ladies are having to deal with at this pivotal point in their lives.

Design your life was born out of a passion to empower woman to realise their own uniqueness and potential. Sharon and Carol are both individual business owners who have walked this road and overcome many of life’s greater challenges and have a shared vision of  inspiring other’s to ‘live life successfully in the single lane’.

Drawing on our own experience, we have designed a unique program tailored to address some of the most pertinent issues that single woman are faced with.


This is a full day Conference to be held on the 16th November 2013 at the Nkulisa Conference Centre in Glenwood. We are hoping to attract between 200 – 300 delegates and have carefully selected the speakers that we would like to have address the audience based on their reputation, experience and ability to inspire. The itinerary has been broken down into 3 specific focus areas: Psychological/Emotional Wellness; Financial Security and Managing Your Private and Public Image. Each speaker will discuss key issues and common challenges that women face in each of these key areas at this pivotal point in their lives.


The venue has been selected to accommodate exhibition stands. Each speaker will be given the opportunity to promote their business and will be given their own exhibition stand. Additional exhibition stands will be allocated to exhibitors who can make a positive contribution to the lives of the ladies who attend the conference.


Teas and lunch will be provided for all delegates who are also all invited to stay on for a glass of wine at the end of the conference and take the opportunity to view the exhibition, chat to the speakers and get to know each other.

Stationery and Goody bags

Each delegate will be provided with a name-tag, pen and small note pad as well as a goodie bag to take home.

Spot Prizes

Spot prizes will be handed out throughout the day.

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The itinerary for the day is as follows:

Opening address – Sharon Desfontaines                                                                              10min

  • Overview / What to expect / Introduce Dr Beth and her Bio as the key note speaker


Psychological Wellness                        

Key Note Speaker – DR Beth McLeod Medical Doctor – Femina Health                               30 min           

  • What to expect when going through the divorce process
  • The importance of honouring yourself and taking responsibility for every aspect of your life.
  • The body, mind and spirit connection to wellness and happiness.
  • Rediscover  your true self


The Journey – Carol Howard                                                                                            30min

  • Making sense of the journey
    • Finding the gift in the challenge.
    • Milestones you will encounter and the challenges you can expect to deal with along the way as you go through the process of adapting to life as a single person.
    • Get to know who you are and what you really want?

Emotional Wellbeing – Dr Jeanne Oets

  • Managing the emotional rollercoaster and key relationships in a positive, loving and constructive way
  • Can your marriage be saved?
  • Dealing with grief
  • Honour yourself and do what is best for YOU!                                                       30min


TEA (10:40- 11:10) View Expo



Safe-guard your future


Financial Freedom Susan Mercer                                                                              30 min

  • Fight the right battle not the wrong one – how to strategise either pre or post a separation before the documents are signed.
  • Princess or Pauper? –A simple guide in understanding your role and your financial responsibilities in deciding which path you going to take.

Know your RightsBenita Ardenbaum Divorce Attorney                                          30 min

  • Don’t be afraid. Know your rights
  • Make the best decisions
  • Ask the right questions
  • Think long term

Small Steps to Great Success – Susan Mercer                                                                    30 min

  • Your financial life raft – how do you stay afloat on a single salary?
  • What products do you really need and what planning do you have to do?
  • Learning from other people’s mistakes – Is it really so difficult to plan a successful life or is it simply the choices we make that make it difficult?

LUNCH (12:45 – 13:45) View the Expo                                                           


Manage Your Public and Private Image


Sex, drugs and rock and roll – Carol Jones                                                                 30 min

  • Take responsibility for your social image and long term health and wellbeing
  • Beware of numbing the pain
  • New relationships                                   


Dress for Success – Image Assured                                                                                30 min


  • Spruce up your Image
  • Dress appropriately and let the real you shine through
  • Enjoy being a woman

Where to from here? – Sharon Desfontaines                                                                     30 min

  • Your thoughts create your reality
  • Begin with the end in mind
    • Setting intentions
    • Create the life you want surrounding by people who inspire and uplift you

In Closing – Carol Howard and Sharon Desfontaines

  • Details of workshops and the retreat on offer for ongoing support and personal growth

For bookings please email bookings@designyourlifesa.co.za

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