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Endorsement for Susan Mercer Williams


So I had an amazing meeting with my financial advisor the other day – so much so that I want to share. It has taken me 28 of my 30 years as an adult to find such a gem. Because of her diligence and care, I am on track with my retirement planning – even though I only started when I was 35. Not only that, but I have accumulated substantial savings through my unit trusts. Let me tell you what she does that is special:

  1. She manages my money as if it were her own.
  2. She meets with me twice a year and we look at my progress against my financial goals. During this meeting she guides and advises me around changes that would improve my performance against my goals. She also tells me what she has done with her own money.
  3. When she becomes aware of a risk or an opportunity, she contacts me to advise me.
  4. She gets excited when we do well (which we have done consistently) because her personal challenge is to help her clients win.
  5. She goes in to bat for me when she thinks that the likes of Discovery and FMI are screwing me. She is not afraid of a fight.
  6. She is independent and moves my money wherever it will perform best. She is not tied to those dreadful products you get from Liberty and others like them.
  7. She has taken the miniscule nest-egg that my in-laws were left with and made it perform so that they can now have something of a liveable income when he can no longer work.

If you don’t have a good financial advisor who you can trust and who cares about your money, get one now! Women especially – you must do for yourselves.

Warm regards
Belinda Davies

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