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I believe that “financial know how” is the key ingredient for success
and it does not matter at which age you start to gain knowledge, what matters is that you never stop.

I set myself apart from other financial planners in my holistic approach to financial planning and my deep desire to educate my clients.

I strive to assist my clients to make quality financial decisions and not “ad hoc” financial decisions – this helps my clients to decide on what is sustainable, desirable and achievable when creating their financial plans.

Susan Mercer


“Money plays a role in our self esteem and our relationships. From birth to death, money plays a critical role. It provides food, shelter, education, health care and transport. Marriage, divorce, parenting, being single, retirement, death of ourselves or our partner require decisions that demand knowledge about money – don’t you think you owe it to yourself to be informed?”

Susan Mercer

SM Wealth Coaching

About Susan Mercer

Susan Mercer is a fee based financial planner. We offer – both individual and corporate planning advice. Our services are listed below. Click on each one for more information.

Susan Mercer is a passionate believer that financial education is a key ingredient for success. “It does not matter what age you start, what matters is that you never stop”. She is set apart from other financial planners with her holistic approach to financial planning and her deep desire to educate her clients.

Susan Mercer is a sought after, fee based, financial planner and wealth coach. Susan is a certified financial planner (CFP) who also holds a post graduate diploma in Financial Planning with UFS, holds an advanced diploma in estates, trusts and estate administration with UFS as well as has a Diploma in Tax with University of Pretoria.

Susan Mercer is also a regular financial commentator and has featured in Cosmopolitan, Psychologies, Personal Finance, Real Simple Magazine, Mum’s Mail , ALL4WOMAN’s website and the Get It Community Magazine.

She has had her own financial planning practice since 2002 and prior to that spent many years in the financial sector where she identified a key ingredient that was missing – educating the client to understand their own financial affairs and the financial products that they are buying. Her passion is financial education and she is a well known speaker, coach and educator. She gives workshops, attends workshops and believes in constantly empowering herself and others with new knowledge.

Quick Tips & Action Steps


Immediately put away 10% of your income into an investment or savings account.

Too Difficult?

If this is difficult to do, start at 1% and work up to 10%.

Bonus or Increase

Save your bonus and any increase you may have.


Adjust your spending habits – ask yourself is this a need or a want?

Susan is an expert at financial education guiding, teaching and educating people on creating a sound financial plan so ultimately her clients experience financial empowerment.

Susan believes that it is her life experience that allows her to connect with her clients and be of great value. She has been both married, been a step parent and has raised a child alone as a single mother.

Having been in a 3 year legal custody battle, she has personal insight of how the legal system works with regards to court orders, lawyers and the emotions one experiences going through a divorce or custody dispute. This process has given her deep insight into how easily it can be to become overwhelmed by the legal system, the jargon that is used as well as the huge costs a person suffers financially, emotionally and physically going through this process. She is able to understand the importance of the wording of documents in a divorce or custody order and how important it is to think about the long term implications to your life both emotionally and financially before the signing of these documents. Her advice on which insurance products should be included in these documents secures the financial well being of both parents and their children. So often there is a fight for maintenance and alimony but no provision is made on the death, disability, illness, or the possibility of either partner re-marrying and changing beneficiaries on life insurance policies. This creates anxiety for all parties and has often, in her experience, led to financial catastrophes.

She has incorporated her own life’s experience into her coaching and financial practice.

“I create a world of financial success by educating and inspiring others.”

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Susan Mercer is a fee based financial planner. We offer both individual and corporate planning advice. Our services are listed below. Click on each one for more information.


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