Business Planning

Succession Planning:

It takes determination and passion to craft a business. Navigating through the ups and downs of business and protecting your business asset is vital. Succession planning is part of this process. How do you ensure your shares in the company retain their value for yourself and your family? If you die or become disabled how do you protect the longevity of your business?

Life cover is often used as the most simplest and effective way in providing instant liquidity. A buy and sell agreement involves one person buying a deceased or disabled person’s portion of the business at a pre-determined price and value from the deceased’s heirs or estate. By entering into a buy and sell agreement you can ensure funds are available to purchase the business, beneficiaries are secured and the business can be handed over in a smooth and easy manner with minimal disturbances and financial stress.

Retaining and keeping key staff members

In today’s world, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep and retain key staff. We can help you enhance your “benefit package” to your employees no matter what the size of your business.

Some Solutions on Offer:

Offer your staff individual specialized retirement annuities. This is an easy option. This is tax deductible for the employee. This is an easy product to put into place with no administration complications. This product can be offered to selected employees at your discretion and is not a condition of employment.

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