Holistic Planning and Financial Coaching

Money plays a role in our self esteem and in our relationships. From birth to death, money plays a critical role. It provides food, shelter, education, health care and transport. Marriage, divorce, parenting, being single,  retirement, death of ourselves or our partner require decisions that demand knowledge about money –

Don’t you think you owe it to yourself to be informed?

My goal is to get you to understand your relationship with your money. So many people think “their money life” is just going to happen. They spend more hours planning a party or their annual holiday than they ever do in planning money. I can never quite figure the logic of that! It is so very important for you to understand the importance of balance and accountability when it comes to you and your money.

A discussion I like to have with you encompasses the following questions:

Are you living beyond or within your means?

How does your subconscious spending, your attitude and your beliefs sabotage you?

Are you investing the time, energy and resources in those you love?

Are you saving with discipline?

What are your attitudes and beliefs?

What do you really think and feel about money?

Those you love are equally important in your planning process. Often bringing the one’s you love into the discussion of money can help a family grow together. So often there is”secrecy” around money which can create “stress, anger and dishonor for yourself and within your family. A family should be able to have open discussions about finance, budgeting and goals and be involved in financial matters at home whilst honoring and valuing the privacy of that information.

Do you pay yourself first or do you pay everyone else and forget to pay yourself? Most people “sell themselves” short and forget to pay themselves. If your boss came to you and said they could not afford to pay you this month but hopes to see you again next month because the company really values your input – would you stay? Yet how many people do just that to themselves, they tell themselves they are important yet they forget to pay and invest in themselves!

I challenge your excuses– it is all up to you –you are entirely responsible for your life– no-one else but you and the responsibility of your money is yours. What you do with it, how you spend it, and how you invest it.

It’s all up to you. You need to be held accountable for your decisions and if need be, you need to put in strategies to implement change.

I can show you what to do.

Often what we say and what we actually do are very different. Until you uncover your “real attitude and belief” you will always revert back to “type” and self sabotage yourself.

A holistic approach to finances takes all of the above into account as well as looking at debt reduction, budgeting, risk cover, retirement planning, wills, estate planning and ongoing financial education.

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