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Financial Informer – 1st Quarter 2020

RA RA Rasputin

Much like the infamous Russian, RA’s may be viewed as both good and bad. However, unlike Rasputin, RA’s are for the good and the only “bad” are the rules that you have to obey and are there for your protection. Essentially, the good far outweighs the bad and when the day comes and it’s time for your retirement you will be relieved that you played by the rules.

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Taken on Trust

Many people, when they hear the word “trust” in the context of financial planning, tend to think of a vague and mysterious concept which has no practical bearing on their lives. However, almost every one of us has been, or at some time will be, involved with some type of trust.

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The spoiled trust fund baby is a stereotype, though, and not necessarily the norm. Lots of wealthy young people have gone on to become great successes.

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