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Financial Informer – 2nd Quarter 2022

Up, Up and Away

Inflation is increasing and interest rates are going up. It is not unusual for them to move in the same direction because interest rates are the primary tool used by our Reserve Bank to control inflation. Whilst higher interest rates are not happy news for many, it is nevertheless good news for some. Negative real yields have not been beneficial for pensioners and income funds who rely on interest rates. The only asset class that benefits from interest rates is cash and for some that is very good news indeed.

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Power Failure

Making decisions is an important part of our lives. Almost every day we make decisions relating to matters such as where we live, our health care, education, employment, social contacts and financial affairs, including the concluding of legal contracts. The answer is a Power of Attorney…until it isn’t. Here we look into legal incapacity and when Power of Attorney runs out of power.

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Financial Terminology

Have you ever wondered what was meant by Bond Yield and Linker? Perhaps you haven’t. However, in today’s inflationary environment with interest rates on the increase you may be happy to learn.

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