January 24, 2022 Susan Mercer

Financial Informer – 1st Quarter 2022

Dr. Dread

Fear of the unknown has been with us since time immemorial. Team building specialist David Roppo says, “You can’t rise from the ashes if you refuse to walk through the fire”. That may be so but surviving a dread disease makes that walk difficult without financial support. None of us like to consider the consequences of a severe illness however a lack of planning will make the journey a difficult one.

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Health and Happiness

One of the finest ways to give yourself better odds of avoiding a dread disease is to be happy and healthy.

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Here’s hoping…

The tradition of making resolutions at the beginning of each New Year is thought to date back more than two thousand years, to Roman times when their two-headed god Janus, after whom January is named, was placed at the head of their calendar.

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