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Financial Informer – 4th Quarter 2021

Not for the Faint-Hearted

Perhaps the best financial travel advice for 2022 is don’t! The current global situation has made travel expensive, uncertain and fraught with difficulty. However, for those who are both brave and just itching to get wheels up and exploring again, here is some financial advice to limit the costs.

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What you need to know about Covid tests to travel.

If you are travelling out of South Africa by air, road, rail or sea, many destination countries require travellers to provide certain requirements before leaving the country and arriving at your destination country. What you need to know.

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The Rand from van Riebeeck to Madiba

One sometimes hears older South Africans use expressions such as “being half a brick and a tickey high” when referring to a short person, a public phone as a “tickey box” and loose change as a “couple of bob”. Readers born after 1960 may not understand the origin of these words, which date back to a time when our country’s currency was not the Rand.

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Interest in Interest

To an investor, knowing that your money works for you with minimal input from you is lovely. For someone who has a loan, however, compound interest can be a costly phenomenon. It is important, therefore, to always understand the effective interest rate because, over time, the difference between the effective interest rate will continue to diverge from the nominal interest rate.

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