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Financial Informer – 2nd Quarter 2020

Frankie Say Relax

Two things about the title to this story: One, only 80’s kids will get it and two, Holly Johnson (the lead singer of Frankie Goes to Hollywood) can afford to relax because he is no longer on this earthly dimension. As for the rest of us still alive, we may have a few concerns at the moment.

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What to Watch During Lockdown

With time on our hands, now is the time to catch up on all those fascinating financial documentaries available on several streaming platforms.

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Fight or Flight

“I will admit to feeling concerned about the coronavirus. As the world has not experienced this virus before, we can’t reliably predict how it will evolve and how many people will be impacted,” says 10X Investments chief executive officer, Steven Nathan.

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Helping Hands

There is now a range of measures available to help South African businesses and individuals amid a crippling corona-induced economic crisis. Government, banks, and insurers all have interventions to help cushion the economic blow of Covid-19. Most of the support is aimed at small businesses, and their employees. Here is where you can find help and money during the coronavirus lockdown and beyond.

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