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Financial Informer – 1st Quarter 2021

Retirement 101

South Africa is sitting on a retirement time bomb, with the data aligning very closely to a widely quoted National Treasury statement that only 6% of the country’s population is on track to retire comfortably.

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Opportunity Costs

Understanding how opportunity costs and the influence it has on your financial life is possibly the most valuable lesson to learn in 2021.

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Bull and Bear Markets

What is the difference between a bull and a bear market?

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From Caves to Computers

As we enter a new decade (yes, according to the American Astronomical Society, the decade started on 1st January 2021), we wonder what innovations the next ten years will bring. This article looks back in time at 10 of the most important financial innovations in history.

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Is Cash Dead?

Reports of the death of cash have not been exaggerated. Professor Chris Speed, chair of design informatics at Edinburgh University, says: “Cash is in retreat, so someone is going to have to pull the plug.”

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