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Financial Informer – 2nd Quarter 2021

How Richie Remains Rich

The accumulation of wealth isn’t something that (usually) happens overnight. It is also something that has to be managed and maintained successfully. There have been many fortunes lost but this is how quite a few have been retained.

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Someone to watch over me

One of the most important jobs we have as parents is making sure our children are well cared for and protected. But how do we ensure this continues long after we are gone? Do we like thinking about it? Oh hell no we don’t but ignoring it would result in an unthinkable situation for those you love the most.

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One for the money

Elvis Presley’s estate is reputed to have lost 73% of its wealth to estate taxes and fees. However, estate taxes are not only a problem for the rich and famous. This article explains how estate duty works and why you should consider its potential impact on your estate.

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Multilingual Financial Terminology List.

The document translates over 400 terms relevant to financial services sector from English into the 10 other official languages.

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Download the “Multilingual Financial Terminology List” here.

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